Whether you need to hold your position in a current or a wind, staying over the bait ball or that honey hole can make all the difference between a bend in the rod and an empty cooler. In deeper water, too, stakeout poles are not as practical as more conventional means of staying put. It’s in these situations that kayak anchors shine. Perfect for creeks, rivers, inshore saltwater with strong currents, and elsewhere, anchors are the way to keep your kayak in position when the water’s too deep to send down a pole. Get what you need in this collection, which represents anchors, trolleys, and kits from the top brands, including but not limited to YakAttack and Scotty.

  • LeverLoc Anchor Trolley LeverLoc Anchor Trolley


    LeverLoc Anchor Trolley

    The YakAttack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley features a LeverLoc line clamp, which locks your trolley line in place with a simple "flip of a switch" motion. Keeping the trolley lines in line is the PadHook, a simple but clever design that combines the...…

    $37.00 - $45.00
  • Scotty Anchor Kit Scotty Anchor Kit
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    Scotty Anchor Kit

    This is an anchor kit for still water use only. The kit includes 50ft (15m) premium nylon line, 1.5 lb (0.6 kg) folding anchor, watertight buoyant container (doubles as a bailer) and nylon snap hook on side of container for easy attachment to vessel.

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